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Horrible Referees and Resulting Aggressive Football Anger

Did I mention that I love football? Like, aggressively? As in, if I had free time, I would have already started my own Fantasy Football League and done tailgate parties for every Packers game ever. I am what you called a borderline-obsessive football fanatic. I am toeing the line so hard that when I see a 300 dollar Donald Driver jersey, my first thought is: If I sold my body for money, just this once…

Yes, I did jump and cheer loudly when the Packers went 15-1 last year. Yes, I have paid a lump sum of cash to ride a bus for a total of four and a half hours just to sit in freezing cold seats while it was raining and see the Packers play a scrimmage game for family night.

Yes, I have a very bold and out there crush on AJ Hawk, Greg Jennings, Aaron Rodgers, the late, great Brett Favre, Ryan Grant, Jermichael Finley, Clay Matthews, Charles Woodson, Jordy Nelson and even (for shame, switching teams), Adrian Peterson.

Okay, so I pretty much have a crush on every great football player in existence. Don’t tell my top ten, wink wink.

On Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday nights, do you know where I am? AT HOME, PLAYA, WATCHING THE GAME!

Yes, we can now move on to the point of this whole rant. Last night’s football fiasco.

Last night, the Green Bay Packers faced off against the Seattle Seahawks in what would end up being the most ridiculous game I’ve seen for the past season and a half. And no, I’m not talking about ridiculous in a good way. I’m talking about in a ‘for the love of god, someone assassinate those refs, it would be a better call than letting them make the calls’ kind of way.

Admittedly, I was too busy doing homework to watch the first half of the game. I hear it was brutal. Seahawks led Packers, and Aaron Rodgers got sacked 8 bloody times. In one half, it’s unbelievable.

Anyway, the only part of the game I saw was the fourth quarter. Shame on me. In the fourth quarter, I got caught up on what slightly more devoted fans had been seeing all night…HORRIBLE REFFING.

So bad, in fact, that all refs involved should be sentenced to tarring and feathering at the nearest possible date of convenience. 

We don’t need to get into the nitty-gritty, or I’ll end up posting a 5,000 word blog about everything they did just in the last ten minutes of the game.

No, we’re going to call to attention their biggest foul, their most disgusting slip of judgement. The last 3 seconds of the game.

By some stroke of luck or fortune, the Seahawks managed to get the ball back from the packers with fifty-three seconds left on the clock. Packers were leading 12-7, and it looked like they had the game in the bag.

Russell Wilson, the QB for the Seahawks, proceeded to run his players down the field, throwing a series of Hail Mary plays. This resulted in a 4th and 20 with 3 seconds left on the clock. One last pass into the endzone…

And this is where it gets super tricky…

There are two people there to receive the pass. The Seahawk’s own Receiver, Golden Tate, or the Packer’s Defensive Back, Mr. M.D Jennings.

Jennings leaps into the air, grasping the football with two hands, and pulling it to his chest. Tate has one hand touching the ball as they fall to the ground. Clear interception, right? Upon hitting the ground in a pile-up, a struggle ensues, and results in both Jennings and Tate holding the ball.

But wait! If a pass is caught and secured by a player, doesn’t that make it their ball? When Jennings hit the ground, he still had obvious control of the football. So why, pre-tell, was it ruled a touchdown for Seattle based on a simultaneous catch ruling?

God, I am pissed, if you haven’t noticed. Oh, and I’m not the only one either. The entire football world is screaming for a reversal, even some Seahawks fans. Packers should be going 2-1, not the other way around.

Okay, I’m done.

Sorry for turning my blog into a football rant…I can promise you that it won’t happen again…this week.

Love ya!