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Non-Band Managing and Parties for Amphibians.

I have a new job. One of those unpaid ones, where you take up a whole butt-ton of responsibilities, and then you don’t get appreciated at all, wink wink.

This is one of those jobs that I assumed I would have to take on at some point, but now I have made it official. I am the new manager for the non-band that I am a part of. What does Telea mean by non-band?

She means that she and two other people meet once a week and rehearse cover songs (just like a band might do), but they say they’re not a band. They will be a band just as soon as they have perfected three original singles, but they don’t want to move too fast for fear of being called the next generation of Dixie Chicks.

Not that the Dixie Chicks were bad or anything, just that we don’t want to be anything like them. So, my job is basically to mediate. There are quite a few mini-spats on who gets what songs, and who backs who up, agitated even more by the fact that only one of them is proficient enough at guitar to be consider the non-band’s ‘official guitarist’. Oh Joy.

My list of jobs goes as follows: mediate arguments, always compromise, get better at guitar, plan rehearsals, put together and email out the Set List, start looking for some funding, keep documents of songs we want to learn, write music, practice piano tabs, and make sure sessions are recorded and uploaded to Youtube in a timely fashion.

That’s all I can think of right now, but I’m sure that’s quite enough to keep me busy. I also have to make ‘non-band’ assignments, which is easy. Alexa is our Lead Guitarist, Back-Up Singer, Location, and Vocalist. Alice is our Vocalist, Back-Up Singer, Songwriter, and Minor Percussionist, and I am Manager, Vocalist, Songwriter, Backup Vocalist, Keyboardist, and Backup Guitarist. 

Okay, so we need more condensed names, so what? It’s a good start, isn’t it?

Also, the Toad party starts tomorrow. I’m excited to see everyone, but I doubt that the turnout will be awesome. Also, I’m boring you with little details of my life that don’t mean much whilst writing comedy in another forum today. Shame on me.

I have just been so busy working on everything. I’ve made two decent-looking banners for somewhere on the site, and now am working on head banners, which is what you guys will be voting on, and they are completely different because they have to meet size requirements, which is a total bummer. 

I just thought I would get you guys up to date on what I’m actually doing in life before I go off and possibly abandon you for the rest of the weekend while I make merry and cavort.

Love ya!