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Uh Oh, Now You Know What I Look Like…

So, I decided to make this blog a little more personal, for those people that decided that browsing all the way back to posts in 2011 was too hard just to figure out what I look like. I mean, sure, I have that pretty little banner up on the home page, but everything is faded out, and now kinda outdated…so I figured I would have two pages flooded with my life.

Is that okay with you, brosiahs? So, if you look on my About Me page, I have added some of my very favorite photos of myself, and that’s pretty cool, right? But then, I got super conceited and said: Hey, why not just…make a page all about posting pictures of me? Oh, and some of my friends. But mostly me. Me, me, me, me me.

Or something along those lines. Anyway, I kinda feel like the blog has now become…homier. I’m not just some random chick who spews words anymore! I have a name and a face and I spew words! That’s, dare I say it, progress.

Remember all that mumbo-jumbo about me actually wanting you to know me in a non-creepy and generally non-sexual way? This is my way of reaching out to you…by becoming even more wrapped up in myself, apparently.

Anyway, we have some exciting news coming down the line. Ready for a list of five tidbits of super exciting information???

1. The banner is going to get changed and you guys get to vote on the new banner. Yehp, starting on Tuesday, there will be three new banners (designed by me) in my blog post. I will wait until Thursday morning, and the banner with the most votes will headline my page! Yay for giving my readers options, right?

2. The Blog’s 1-year anniversary is in October. What does this mean for you? Post-a-day! That’s right. I will, without fail, post every single day of October, and if I fail, the first person to point out how many days I missed at the end of the month will receive a one-of-a-kind handmade, autographed My Life In Heartbeats Tee-shirt, shipped right to their front door! (Of course, they will have to tell me what size Tee-shirt they wear…and their address…)

3. The 1-year Blogniversary also means I will be investing in turning this rag-tag WordPress site into my website. As in, I will be dishing out the money to change mylifeinheartbeats.wordpress.com into mylifeinheartbeats.com. This will happen sometime in October.

4. You have another chance to win a one-of-a-kind handmade, Autographed My Life In Heartbeats Tee! Oh, but it’s work, I tell you. If you comment on every blog post that I write during the month of October, you will get one.   This isn’t limited to just one winner, in fact, any number of people can win! Now, you can’t be writing no mumbo-jumbo, guys! Oh, and I know this is totally lame and no one is gonna want a teeshirt, but it’s fun anyway.

5. My non-band (we rehearse like we’re a cover band, but we’re not a band) has our official set list ready for this weekend. Which means: I will be posting performances of good music on Youtube within the next 3 weeks. Just sayin’. The cool thing about this is…if you like our music, we’ll cover a song for you (if we can). Yay, right?

Haha, this is just me trying to get out there and noticed in the big wide world, right?

My Preliminary hearing went really well today, and I’m scheduled for my actual court date in November. Wish me luck!

Now, I must sleep…or I might die somehow.

Love ya!