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Things we do when we have nothing to do (A.K.A FIRST HOUR STUDY HALL FTW)

I. Work. Hard.

I. Hardly. Work.

Depends on the day. Today, since it’s the very first day of second semester, and instead of Chemistry first hour (Little early in the morning, even for THAT! (Implied winky face)), I happen to have Study Hall, where Chemistry can still go down, but in a more openly implied sexual manner. Juusssstt kinda-sorta kidding!

Okay, but here’s the thing. I need to get some shit OFF MY CHEST, and talk about the things I do, when I have NOT SHIT to do. Like, right now, writing on my blog, except that’s actually something I feel as if I have to get done…even though I really REALLY don’t!

Before beginning another of my oh-so-funny lists that you guys all love oh-so-much, I want to thank all four of the people that liked that one blog post full of non-original ideas and porn-based SOPA ideas. That was a cool thing and totally gave me faith in my ability to please people (Though I already know I do that with a large amount of talent and vivor!).

Now, for the list of five things I happen to do when I’m bored shitless (annndd, if you’ve read my previous blogs, I actually happen to LIKE pooping).

1. I sing. Loudly and not always so greatly. I love it. You guys may throw things at me, and I can only hope one of those things is half a big-mac because I’m gonna be a starving artist when I grow up, and I don’t care if it’s red meat!

2. I call people. Like, legitly, I scroll through my contacts list and troll the shit outta anyone I would enjoy talking to if they actually had the fucking decency to pick up the goddamn phone. I mean, really, I’m TELEA FUCKING DODGE, you ANSWER THAT PHONE, child!

3. I watch really dumb TV. A LOT. Like, honestly, I’m sitting at home, lalalalala, nothing to do, okay then, let’s just spend three hours watching reruns of Greek on Netflix. That sounds like a GRRRREAT idea!

4. I try to make plans with my bestie. She’s the shit, and I love her, and seeing her beautiful face transports me from boredom to bonerdom in about -5.785690 seconds. That basically means that I get a boners 5.785690 seconds before I even see her face. It’s like a spidey-sense.

5. I fap. Fap fap fap. Fappity-fappity fap fap fap. What am I doing? I’m fapping! What am I fapping to? Uhmm, well, I think you would find it kind of awkward if I said ‘a picture of you’, so I’m just gonna say…

‘Your porn videos that you made with your ex who, directly after the breakup, posted them on every Free Amateur Pornography site in all of the nine kingdoms’.

Annnd that should suffice for today’s blog.

Love ya!