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(F)or those who s(U)pport me, I M(UC)hos Than(K) (YOU)

Obviously, every story has two sides (at least). Every moment, every war (OF COURSE, EVERY WAR!), every experience (good or bad) that you have ever had, had a positive or negative influence that you may or may not have noticed.

Soo, don’t be offended when you read this title. I’m not actually telling you to go fuck yourself…or whatever.

This is how it breaks down (sometimes).

I’m thanking you, and you’re getting sick of reading my blog. Okay, yeah, maybe that’s not true, but at least one of you is going:

“Ohhh god, every time I check my email…I get this stupid-ass blog post from this stupid-ass teenage girl, and it just needs to STOP> However, I am far too lazy to click ‘unsubscribe’, and it would make this aspiring writer feel just TERRIBLE!”

I read you like a book, don’t I? Of course, you may not even be reading this if your opinion is this way.

Our topic of the day, though, is something that has become a topic IN THE EXTREME for the past whoever knows how long.

Everything ███ █████ is █████ ████ ████ fine ████ ███ █ ██████ love. █████ ███████ ███ your █████ ████ government.


Ohhh, you don’t know about SOPA?


There’s a reference.

How did I respond to SOPA?  Just like 895490754705480143972648245 other people.

Lucky for us, they have delayed voting on it. Unlucky for us, it could still happen.

So, here’s a website to write American Senators about it, it’s easy, I did it. Justsayin’


Annnnddd to conclude this short-ass blog post…the five reasons why SOPA should not EVER happen.

1. I’m told by various people that Wikipedia will not really be all that great after SOPA. I still have a year and a half left of high school, and that year and a half without copy-and-pasting Wiki articles will be HELL!

2. Freedom of Speech, anyone?

3. If this stands for: ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’…does this mean no more pirating music? Because, quite honestly, EVERYONE has a right to music, even ridiculously poor people, and that would RUIN ME. (I haven’t pirated music in over two years, however, so you can just GET OFF MY BACK!)

4.  …What happens to all my nudies? Annnddd, on a related note we go to number 5.

5. Porn? Where’d it go? What can’t I see? Huh? My nightly fap-fap-fappy just went crap-crap-crappy. Ohkay, so not nightly…more like hourly…and I’m not referring to me, but there’s a possibility that I will be one of the destined many to become a porn addict. What will happen to the future me if SOPA stops my porn intake?


I’ll wither and die. (And make my own pornos, unless I’m fat and ugly, in which case…I’ll WRITE my own pornos)

Okay, that’s it for the day.

Love ya!