Request Page!

I have been informed that there are a great many topics that I have not yet covered. This is where you comment with your suggestion on what I should write about, and if it’s interesting enough, I will cover it.

A bonus is that if I decide to cover your idea and you have a blog, your blog will get mentioned in the piece. You know, for advertising purposes.

Yes, this is a badly covered-up need for more things to write about. WHAT IF I RUN OUT?!

Okay, thanks guys!


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  1. I remember that Bernard Shaw quote I read when I first stumbled on your blog. Apples & ideas & all that guff.

    Write 5 of your favourite quotes & why you like ’em?

  2. Err you could post your 5 favourite films & why. They don’t need to be comedies, but I would like a least one humorous sentence on why you like each one of them.

    I won’t request any more for now (I’ll give others a chance). Hmmm that might be a lie, I like advertising my blog 🙂 Feel free to ban me from here…

  3. Jesus Telea, why always me!!! OK last one i promise. Maybe it’ll be third time lucky & the dam will burst forth, of many ideas from your many followers…

    Just an idea, but if you really want requests, drop a post about this page. Folk might not have realised you have a new page. I only noticed it by chance.

    OK my third & last request is…Who & much more importantly why, would win in a movie between the forces of Evil & Good.

    The Evil having three baddies of Darth Vader, Voldermort & Hitler
    The Good having three goodies of Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter & Oskar Schindler.

    Lett the battle commence…


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