Some Photographs of My Life

This page is currently under construction, as a lot has changed in the two years since I posted photos. Please be patient as I get my shit together.


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  1. Great pics! I’m glad I showed up in some of them!

  2. They’re not showing up for me. ):

  3. That James sir that you have a picture with, that would be my cousin 🙂 Ha! And I am honored to be on your page 😉 Love you beautiful babe!

    • Haha, he was nice. He wouldn’t get in the water though, something about not wanting to get his leg infected after his surgery. Wimp ;). It’s an honor to have you as a friend and be able to put you on my page! Love you too, gorgeous!

  4. you look like a lot of fun. let’s hang out sometime? no, seriously.


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