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Skype: mylifeinheartbeats


Kik: mylifeinheartbeats

Please note that I am sharing these addresses with you in the confidence that you will not harass/abuse me in any way. I am trusting you because I feel as if I can and that is just my general hope as a human being. If you betray that trust, you will be blocked or not responded to. I am an excellent person to talk to/vent at and, as long as you’re respecting me, I will respect you.


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  1. Skyler Henley

    Hi, I am Lindsey Waverek’s friend from school and she reads your blog like everyday and talks a little and i just wanted to know who you are and ya thats really all i wanted to know lol

    • Hai! Well, I’m Telea, and I’m one of Lindsey’s friends. We go on adventures together. Every day???? Awwwww she’s so sweet! I don’t really disclose too much info about who I am or where I live on this site, seeing as how there are many creepers around, but if you would like to know more about me,you can add me on Facebook. Good? Yes, I know, I’m such a problem solver.


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