Monthly Archives: January 2015

Playing Catch-Up

The last anyone heard from our young protagonist, she was sitting in a McDonalds try to figure out what to do with her life. That was seven or eight months ago, and the story has completely changed.

Though she doubts many of her loyal followers stuck it out after a hiatus as that had started to seem like a page from the Sherlock debauchery, she would like to begin sharing the stories from the past several months, so strap in, because juicy new details on the life of a girl with an over-inflated ego and a dangerous sense of adventure will be rapid-firing at you at the pace of a turtle waking up from a nap.

You all know me. Reliable for a week and then gone again. But it is time to start telling my story, and this familiar and nostalgic layout from my high school days seemed like a decent enough forum to do that on.

I will hopefully be publishing a short, badly versed blog post every few days, in an attempt to finally write down the details of the most interesting, life-changing year of my life.

Stay tuned.