Monthly Archives: November 2013

The Long Absence and A Termination of Sorts

Hello,  dears. I have really been neglecting all of my writing of late, save for some music I’ve been writing on the guitar, because of stress. It just so happens that I lost the job I had just boasted about before and am now without employment. This termination and also the termination of my official website are hitting me harder than a small handful of rocks thrown at me with moderate force and hitting me in my abdominal region.  So it hurts a bit, but I’ll definitely survive and recover.

Living at the new place is pretty cool. I’ve been able to host a few really nice parties,  meet some wonderful people, and go dumpster diving for all too many bagels.

This is a short post since I’m not particularly inspired to write anything major, but I just thought I would let you guys know I’m still alive and kicking, albeit with some serious financial difficulties. Things will sort themselves out if they’re supposed to. And if not, I’m excellent at living as a homeless person and also charismatic enough to find couches to crash on.

I hope all of you are doing well!

Love ya!