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The Nonprofit Sector

I have a new job. That job is no longer a job in which I stand out on the streets begging for money like a prostitute sans sexual favors. Nothing against the old job; it just wasn’t my condom brand. Anyway, I still wanted to work with a nonprofit organization, so I applied at the local Goodwill-like shopping center in my new hometown.

After a week and a half without a reply, I was worried I wasn’t going to get the callback. I had, in fact, applied at numerous places and not received word from any, except for a no-reply email from HR telling me I ‘didn’t fit the particular needs of the company; we will consider you for future positions’.

Put out and afraid I wasn’t going to be able to pay rent anymore, I ate a whole pizza and fell asleep with almost-tears in my eyes. The next thing you know, I’m being awoken by my phone, harshly ringing back ‘The Gravity For Now’ to inform me that I was receiving a call from an unknown phone number. Groggily, I answered the call. It was the General Manager for the nonprofit, calling for a phone interview. After being pleased by all of my answers, she arranged an interview with two of her supervisors the following day.

Skipping the part where I got all nervous and excited and didn’t know what to wear, we’re now approaching the part where I, dressed impeccably, showed up for my interview. They asked a lot of questions about my experiences in volunteering, which was my sign that I was going to bag this job no problem.

As you may or may not know, I have literally thousands of hours of volunteer work under my belt from a long line of service to the Girl Scouts, the local 4-H club, the Boy Scouts, and my mother. Needless to say, they really enjoyed my bubbly personality along with my ‘I can do it’ attitude. They also didn’t mind the aforementioned pro-level volunteer stats.

The following Monday, I was hired. Tuesday, I passed my background check. And yesterday I worked my very first part-time shift with them, which was very enjoyable and not too tedious at all. I get to punch in my clock number, which is weird and exciting and something I’ve never done before.

I’m now scheduled to work Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for the rest of the month. After that, they might discuss a raise in earnings (from minimum wage to something more suitable for a human being) or hours, which I would actually adore. Working four hours a day is nice because hey, you only have to work twelve hours a week and you have a lot of time to party rock, but working four hours a day isn’t nice because hey, you have rent to pay, food to buy, and no money left over for party rocking.

Again, anonymous thousand-dollar contributions to the blog…wink.

Anyway, I have to go cash the paycheck from my old job and buy some milk and butter and other household necessities. I also feel the need to take a long, hot shower in celebration of me being all ‘grown up and responsible’.

Love ya!


The New Place

Wow, it has been a long time since I came here. The weather is a little overcast on this blog so I thought I would cheer it up with some really good news in a few different directions.

The first order of business is probably to state that I moved. I am no longer a resident of the State of Wisconsin, much less that tiny little town that I sarcastically called ‘home’ for so long. Yes, my dear friends, I am now a resident of the land of ten thousand lakes; Minnesota. Currently located in a cute little apartment eight miles outside of downtown Minneapolis, I am content with the way this city rubs me. It’s semi-orgasmic.

I got a place with a friend of mine from Wisconsin, who is just wonderful. She gave me the whole living room as a bedroom, which gives me the incentive to keep everything clean for company. Speaking of company, I can now just invite people over because I don’t have to ask my parents. I just have to let my roomie know and BOOM, they’re on the next bus in my direction.

This has resulted in a significant increase in the number of snuggles I get. It also betters my relationship with my family, as they don’t have to deal with me as often. 

I did spend a month being homeless in the streets of Minneapolis. Sleeping in parks, sometimes crashing on couches, and being generally smelly, I got free food from the local pizza joint every night at bar-close and made my bus fare/emergency money by playing my guitar on street corners.

It was an interesting and semi-exciting experience, to say the least, and it opened my eyes to just how little a person actually needs to exist happily. This makes my living arrangements so much simpler because I have not much stuff at all anymore. It also makes me just generally appreciate everything I have. I did meet some pretty excellent people while I was homeless, and am still in touch with them today.

Upon the luckiness of finding a place to live, I was even more delighted to find that my rent was only two hundred and fifty a month, and that we had granite counter-tops. Wow, it was like I was living the high life. I got a job working for a Grassroots Campaign raising money for gay rights and civil liberties. 

I loved the cause but I wasn’t too big on standing on street corners for eight hours reciting a script to whoever I could trick into stopping. Canvassing is a hard and monotonous job with very little excitement but a lot of moral rewards. However, I found it necessary to leave the canvassing industry and seek a more steady line of work (canvassing, being a commission-based job, pays very little and you can get fired if you don’t make quota every day). 

I rushed to apply at every fast food place, grocery store, organization, etc in the nearby area. Another downside of my canvassing job was a one and a half hour commute to and from work every day, which left me with no time six days a week. I got a callback on an application today and have an interview for well-paid part-time work at a place very similar to Goodwill.

I really hope I get the job because the hours don’t interfere with my life and it’s enough money to pay rent and buy food and pay my little sister back for paying my first month’s rent in the new place.

Overall, I’m a pretty happy camper. I did experience some pretty deep and numbing depression over pretty much nothing last night and took the heart-crushing insomnia-inducing emotions out on messaging an old friend and telling them how much I missed them and how much less I was without them. Not expecting a reply, I was stunned and moved to tears when they replied in kind. We’re speaking again now for the first time in over a year and it’s really magnificent.

I have been practicing guitar a lot and working on my fingerpicking, which leads to better tips on nights when I go back out to those same street corners and strut my stuff for money, which is to say that I’m a musical prostitute, receiving tips for cooing sweet nothings to the general passing public. I really enjoy it.

Anyway, I must be off. There are showers to be had and life to be lived. I will hopefully be posting more often now that the apartment has been officially hooked up with it’s own wifi network and I am in possession of my very own laptop. 

Love ya!