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The Sore Throat and Other Post-Weekend Misfortunes

Well, it was a good weekend. I spent a large amount of time not sleeping, eating delicious food, playing volleyball, campfiring, and talking philosophy with people. It was awesome and I wish I felt as awesome as the weekend was, because that way I wouldn’t be fevering like a little girl.

I got a message from the mother of the children my mom babysits saying that both of her children came down with strep and that she was sorry if anyone else caught it. I think I may have caught it. I have a temp of 100.2 (up from 96.1) and I have a throat that is more sore than the effects of a punch to the face and more swollen than a bee-sting on someone with allergies.

It’s not a good time so I’m keeping this short so I can go back to watching movies and napping, which is the dream life anyway. But yeah, everything this weekend was great. I’m sore from so much volleyball, muddy from the rains, and emotionally exhausted from all of the love and energy I was putting into the air. Everything will be better in a couple of days when I recover.

I think one of the best parts of the weekend was Saturday night, because I met a guy named David and we stayed up all night talking. It was really fun and when he had to leave, we hugged it out and he is an excellent hugger which automatically means we’re friends.

I guess I don’t have the energy to say much more so I’ll just say that I hope all of you had an excellent weekend and that you feel better today than I do.

Love ya!


Have I Used ‘The Party Weekend’ as a Blog Title Yet?

Because that’s what this is going to be. I’ve discussed the Frog party many times before and the moment is finally upon us to actually have it, starting tomorrow! Well, first I have to go to work in the Pumpkin Fields and then I have to shower like I haven’t showed in a month (when in reality, I simply haven’t washed my hair in a week).

I’m pretty excited but also down about it. I’m excited because it’s always a pretty decent time and good people always show up and there’s volleyball and food and hanging out. But I’m down because a few of the people that I had really hoped would show up are not, in fact, going to make it.

Mind you, I’m not trying to complain your ears off or make a big deal of it, I just get sad when people I have formed attachments to are also the people I never ever get to see (Ahem, separate note, same tune, LEXI). It’s a problem because I just go for the major lovefest and then they live far away and I can’t spend even half as much time with them as I hope.

In other news, the other night I had a dream about Seth Green and now, apparently, I am convinced that he is my best friend. I occasionally think ‘Oh, I should text Seth’. And then I realize that not only am I not friends with him, I have also never met him or even been within one hundred yards of him. So there’s that.

My dreams are imprinting upon my reality and my friends live far away; go cry about it. I get the drift. My blog is shit and I probably don’t have real friends but the fact is that run on sentences are fun and as long as I’m deluded enough to think I have friends well then life is dandy.

My favorite part, though, is that I spent so much time trying to make this a quality blog and I just kind of ruin it by posting anything. So there’s that. I’m tired and distracted but I have two jobs and life is better than I am willing to admit to my parents.

Love ya!

The House Painter

I am in the process of painting a house. Yes, me. It is, in fact, my job for right now seeing as how I have gotten zero (count them) callbacks from fast food restaurants and Walmart to interview. It probably has something to do with the fact that my cover letters are incredibly unprofessional and my resume has like, one job on it. No biggie.

So my dad hired me to help clean and paint a house and I have been working for the past two days on this particular task. The pay is good and the hours are good but the work is hard and pretty disgusting. It’s this house that these two chainsmokers and their kids used to live in so we have to scrub down the walls to get all of the nicotine stains off before we paint.

Working two days, we have managed to clean about half of the house, but we still have all of the bedrooms, who’s walls are covered in pop stains, cat hair, nicotine stains, and Asgard knows what else. It’s a pretty fucking gross job but I can’t complain. We have until July first and I’m hoping to make enough money to actually start seriously looking for a place to live.

I’m ready to move out. So ready. I want to grab a cute room mate and just take off into the land of adulthood really hard, but I know that if I go without planning and shit, I’ll just fall on my ass. So this month is the month of making money. I’m working two jobs and gutting my room in my free hours. It’s a good deal. A lot of work, but nice.

And this weekend is our annual Frog Party. I was super excited for it because of a few certain people that were going to be here, but apparently they can’t make it so now I’m simply pretty excited. Hey, it’s still a good party.

All in all, life is going alright, I suppose. There was a massive thunderstorm last night and it was beautiful. I’ve been a bit happier in general. However, this rash/sickness thing is still persisting and I’m on my second round of steroids to try to fix the problem.

As a final note, I got my one hundred dollars in gift money from winning the poetry slam and I bought a swimsuit, a new taper kit to gauge my ears again, some batman plugs, some wall chargers for my Ipod, a camera charger, and some Jubes. I’m pretty excited for everything to get here.

I honestly can’t wait to start gauging my ears again. I’ve missed having plugs in them for so long!!!

Anyway, it’s time to go and get some things done, I suppose. I have to work in a hour and a half and I think we’re pulling a four to six hour shift today. Good gods, I’ll be ripped by the time this job is finished.

Love ya!

I Guess We’ll Just Call This One ‘Dating Angst’

Even though I’ve never been on a legitimate date in my life (as far as I know…?). I mean, I guess maybe I’ve gone and done things with people and maybe they thought they were dates or something but I don’t know, I would feel bad if that were the case because then maybe I’m letting people down by saying I haven’t been on dates.

I’m generally over-thinking because, well, it’s two in the morning and I fucking can. Also because I’m still on drugs and this emotional roller-coaster has really manhandled the fuck out of both myself and my writing. Hey, at least I’m blogging.

So I guess I’ve been thinking a lot about dating because I can’t. Well, I can, but not without a general amount of trouble and paperwork and well-to-do’s from the lovely state of Wisconsin. I would have to go through some stuff with my Probation Officer and I mean, I’m just not super into having to sign up for a significant other and I’m also super not into being required to discuss my personal life unless I really want to.

What a rebel. Because I vent on the internet all of the time and expend a great deal of energy on getting close to nothing done but as soon as it’s something with an actual requirement well it’s just fuck all of this and back to angry blogging.

I’m also angsty about the whole dating thing because I can’t seem to actually woo people with my ‘devilish charms’. Mostly because said devilish charms only exist on the internet and I’m actually just a really loud shy person if that makes any sense.

I’m MOSTLY angsty about the whole dating thing, though, because I meet these really cool, seemingly classy individuals and then they just want to be friends but also have sex with me and that’s okay to an extent. I can totally dig casual things but at the same time some days I don’t want any of that noise and I just want to consistently be able to cuddle with the same person all of the time and plant kisses on that person’s face and other sappy lovey-dovey stuff.

So yes, here I am ranting instead of putting together a nice, well-versed and motivational blog post about graduating high school or the bumps of life’s roads. Just a road bump post in itself and a desperate hope that these drugs stop messing with my emotions because I already have enough of them already.

I guess the advice/lesson of the day is that being angsty is okay and just vent on the internet instead of hurting people close to you. And definitely do not yell at someone you like because they don’t want to date you. It just makes things weird and they might block you on Facebook or stop answering the phone when you call. Not that I would know about that at all.

Love ya!

Prednisone, Deep Feelings, and a New Month

I was recently put on a dandy little prescription of Prednisone. It’s basically just steroids and is responsible for my heavy emotions and mood swings. Alice came over last night and I’m pretty positive she had a hard time putting up with me because I was just terrible. I’m glad I have friends who will stick with me even through my bursts of annoying, drug-induced panic attacks.

This will probably be a rather random post as I’m tired, drugged, and a little bit shaky on this blogging thing again. Happy June. This is a pretty bittersweet thing for me. For one, I’ll have to stop being so disgustingly addicted to my computer.

In four days, I will clear everything off of said computer and return it to my old high school. This computer that has been with me since September. The keyboard that dealt with my rant-fests, love-bubbles, and other such mood swings.

It’s kind of funny to me that I’m feeling more nostalgic about a few months with a device than three years with high school. Maybe it’s because this has been my outlet for quite some time. I have formed a connection to the sound of my fingers pounding upon the keys. I have tasted late-night food on my lips as I curled in front of this computer and watched tv shows when I wasn’t at my finest.

I have recorded videos, sung songs, and written my heart out on this computer and I am feeling just a little iffy about saying goodbye to all of that. It’s stupid and childish but it’s what I’m feeling and have been feeling. I guess I have a habit of misplacing emotions onto things that don’t mean much.

I’ll develop intense feeling for someone/something and then channel it into poetry and forget about the person/thing I was feeling for. It’s just about the shittiest defense mechanism I have ever heard of and I don’t know where I got it but it pisses me off and now I’m just ranting.

So it’s June and it has been raining all week here in Wisconsin. And just as I begin blogging again, I will have to adjust to Ipod blogging or the dreaded ‘not blogging’ of one kind Telea, who has been a terrible influence on all of her fans.

Fans, dearies, please don’t ditch your future fans for flights of fancy like Tumblr or sleeping pills. No no no, not a good idea.

Mostly the rain is a problem because I want to set up my tent and sleep in it. I want to be closer to nature than behind brick walls. I especially want to stop sleeping on the couch. That’s a big one for me. No more couches. Please. I prefer wet ground to the sound of my dad slurping coffee and furiously clicking Facebook things at five in the morning.

I am ready to be closer to nature. I am ready for summer, and, as much as I absolutely adore rain…I am ready for the Sunshine. I am not doing a lot of continuity in this post so I’m just going to end it here.

Thanks for paying attention. 

Love ya!