Romantic Things to Say to Youtubers

Okay, I’m sorry again for not having anything legitimate to say. I guess I’m just in a terrible writing slump. I feel like a cad for doing this to you, but I guess I have become a little more invested in the videos because, though they’re worse than most of my blog posts, I’ll be making money off of them.

Again, I’m sorry if they’re not what you like to see, it’s just that I am a very broke high schooler with all of these dreams that require money. So if you could still support me and watch the videos/click on the ads etc, that would be really stupendous of you.

As I said in the video, I didn’t go to the Dance competition…I just stayed home and slept all day and now am watching Misfits.

I really desperately need a snuggle and I am in a terrible mood.

Question of the day: What would you like me to talk about, whether in a video or a blog post?

Love ya!


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