On Terrible Days, I Neglect My Blog

So yes, it has been an absolutely awful day. No, really, it has been the worst day of my last two weeks, and here’s the reason.

I don’t know. No, really, do you ever just wake up and realize that everything sucks and you don’t want to deal with anyone’s bullshit and you just want to cry and scream and possibly find someone to casually watch porn with because laughing at sex makes everyone feel better?

No? To the whole thing or just the porn part? Have you never just chilled with a buddy and watched porn? You’re ridiculous and missing out on life.

Anyway, it was that kind of day for me, and even when good things happened, I just felt like my world was imploding faster than Hiroshima and Nagasaki disappeared when Fat Man and Little Boy decided to come chill for a bit.

Not a good time, and I’m pretty sure that around 250,000 residents in my mind either died, got sick from my toxic mind-waste, or lost their homes. I know, it’s dramatic and terrible, but now I can barely think because all the survivors and scurrying around to rebuild everything and I am just scatterbrained.

So my post is very short, and kinda weird/funny/sad, and deal with it because it’s Thanksgiving Break and you should be off rejoicing the fact that we are terrible people who invaded America and killed the Natives. Off with you, now!

Love ya!


About mylifeinheartbeats

Telea is an aspiring Musician who spends too much time aspiring to be a Writer who thinks she's a Comedian. There's not much more to know, except for everything. Telea has a tendency to not think before she speaks or acts. She enjoys chocolate, long walks on the beach, and talking about herself in the third person. She wants to get to know you, so please send her your Name, Address, and SSN. Telea promises that, though she has indeed committed one count of Lewd and Lascivious behavior (to be tried under a court of law), she is a good person and will not intentionally harm you/expose herself to you/hate you for your stupid perspectives/axe-murder you. Telea believes in the greater good, Nutella, peace, free love for all, and snuggles. She chooses Bacon over you, unless you come bearing bacon. She is a fat woman trapped inside a curvy woman's body. She is not for sale unless the price tag you put on her has something to do with world peace. She will sell herself for world peace. She hopes in the deepest of her heart places that you will enjoy her blog and find reason to follow it. Telea thanks you.

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  1. Chin up deary. We all have those crappy days. Though I don’t think we can all put them as descriptively as your good self 😉

    • Yer old great auntie Jan

      “…we are terrible people who invaded America and killed the Natives.” I think of this on a daily basis from my campsite in Escalante, Utah. So many ancient images on rock walls, so much native history lost beneath the waters of the huge reservoir Lake Powell, so many reservations-Ute, Paiute, Goshute, Dine’ Navajo, Shoshoni. I wish to believe that mankind will learn, but if any learning is going on, the pace is slower than a snail’s.


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