Tonight, I went on a date…kinda. He came over to my house, I gave him a tour of the farm, and then we snuggled and watched a movie on my computer. Yes, it was adorable, but I have this thing where if I like someone else already, I can’t get into liking the other person as much.

However, he brought me Nutella to Go and he smelled good.. And he was a really good snuggler. I give him props for that. The thing about all of this is that I really had to make the first move when it came to anything except snuggling.

Ohh, your mind went to a dirty place, didn’t it? You’re such a nasty reader, you should be spankedBut no, anyway, away from me giggling spastically at porn jokes…

We were laying there snuggling, and our faces were SO CLOSE, and he was holding me so tightly, but he just wouldn’t kiss me. So there we were, making conversation half an inch from each other’s faces, and acting like we were 12 feet away. Can anyone say awkward a little bit louder than I just didn’t?

So, this conversation goes a little like this:

Him: So, we’re pretty close right now.

Me: Yeah, it’s kinda nice, and you smell good.

Him: Yeah, I put on Cologne, because I was hoping we would snuggle.

Me: Aww, that’s sweet.

Him: I usually have a plan when it comes to these things.

Me: Yeah? Well, good thinking. *moves face closer to smell shirt*

Him: It seems you women have plans too, getting closer to me.

Me: You just smell really good.

Him: So, no plan?

Me: No, but if I had a plan, it would go a little something like this *kiss*

I HATE making the first move. SO MUCH. It doesn’t matter that it was super cute of me, or that he totally agreed that it was super cute or that then he said something along the lines of:

That was a great plan. So good, I kinda wanna try replaying it.”

NO! Stop! NOT COOL! I had to call YOU! I had to ask YOU to come over, and I don’t even fancy you enough to have made all that effort! But whatevs, good snuggling, right? Yeah, right. Right?


We watched 3:10 to Yuma, but I’m not totally sure I paid attention to any of it…sooo…awkward? Also, when on a date with this person, I realized that I’m kinda maybe sorta in love with someone. It’s only possible. It COULD be puppy love. I could be…just silly as hell.

But right now, I don’t know if I want any more dates unless they’re with one specific person. DAMN ME! AND MY EYES THAT CANNOT UNSEE THINGS THEY HAVE SEEN!

Anyway, this blog is sucky, but so is your love life, sooo…that was incredibly mean. I’m sorry. I am all over the place tonight. So, I’ll just go now, but I’ll catch you guys later. 

Oh, and I’m doing community service tomorrow, so you’ll get updates on what a good person I am, too.

Love ya!


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  1. I’m glad you’re date went okay. I hate making the first move, too and often times won’t. I guess sometimes that means not ever getting to do anything with that person. Psh. Whatever though. So anyways. Nice post. x


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