Those days when you look HELLA sexy

We all have some really shitty days. Usually, when one has a shitty day, it turns into a shitty week, then a shitty fortnight. It’s SUPER shitty! There is a bright side to all of this. Karma has to balance somehow, right?

This balance comes when one morning, you wake up, get ready like normal, and for some reason just look SUPER hot!! That has happened to me today, and the main problem with this is the fact that, other than finishing out my school day, I have NO WHERE to go today. No one sexy to see, no hot guys to hit on this fine piece of face.


On the bright side, I’m totally gonna look hot tomorrow. How can I tell? I ALWAYS look hot on dance competition days. I HAVE to. I’m the manager for my school’s dance team and it is my job to give pep talks to the girls, apply their make-up, cheer a lot, smile a lot, and field any questions posed by ridiculously attractive males that want mine and the dance teams’ number.

Except here’s the thing. I ‘mysteriously lose’ all of their numbers and OOPS! Just gotta give him mine.

This hasn’t happened. I have never seen one ridiculously attractive male at a dance competition, but I have hope.


Haha, I would tell you the story, but that would jinx it, so you get to hear allllll about it on either Sunday or Monday.

Sooo, on sexy days, I ALWAYS put on jeans, because for some reason, when my face looks good, I get the feeling that my ass should look good as well. I’m wearing Jeggings today, they have sexy pockets. Yuhmm.

I am super mad about something, and I want to discuss it, even though it’s a really deep subject and I really don’t want to bore you.

Frac Sand Mining.

Fuck it.

In our area, there are a lot of prospective mines, and it’s really frustrating because all of these companies are moving in and going:

“We wish to contaminate the air with Silica dust. We wish to tear up your beautiful land. We wish to absolutely destroy the water table, causing your delicious water that is full of delicious minerals to become polluted and gross. We wish to do this for our own personal gain, because we are greedy bastards.”

Ohkay, so that’s not what they’re saying out loud, but it’s totally what’s going on. I was really happy a couple of weeks ago, because the company called ProCore pulled out of mining over 160 acres of land within 15 miles of my house. If they had mined that land, a very good friend of mine and his family would have been forced to move out of the house they built less than 8 years ago after their old house burnt to the ground.

Now, my neighbor, who lives less than a mile from my house is said to be contracting with a Frac Sand Company. We can’t be sure, because there’s a nondiscretion policy and so we won’t find out about it until all the contracts are signed and the mine is being put into the ground.

If this mine goes in, we may be forced to leave our home of almost 15 years. I would bawl my eyes out.

If you don’t know what Frac Sand Mining is, I have links that I will provide.

Here is a description of the health risks posed by Frac Sand Mining.

Airborne problems related to frac sand mining are numerous and severe. The potential for harmful, or even deadly, exposure is great, and may extend for many miles beyond the location where the mining operation takes place. According to the website of Friends of Mill and Piney Creeks (Arkansas), “Crystalline silica is a basic component of soil, sand, granite, and many other minerals. Silica laden material can break down into particles small enough to inhale when workers chip, cut, drill, or grind it. This is exactly what happens during frac sand mining.” This problem also extends to workers on a frac site where the sand is being used as a proppant when mixed with water and frac chemicals for injection into a well bore. In cases where the drilling site is adjacent to residential property this risks exposure of entire neighborhoods, especially those immediately downwind of the drilling site.

 According to a disclaimer from FlexFrac Proppant Sand Suppliers in Richardson, Texas, its products “contain respirable crystalline silica, which is considered by some sources to be a cause of cancer and can lead to death. Failure to adhere to our warnings, MSDS and handling instructions may lead to serious personal injury or death.” This fine particulate material can be carried by winds more than 20 miles from the site of the mining operation, and injuring or killing people far removed from the mining area.

Obviously, workers at a frac sand mining site are the most prone to hazardous exposure, but they are hardly the only ones at risk. Nearby residents, pets, livestock and wildlife also are at risk of harmful exposure. In addition to the risk to people from airborne contaminants carried by the wind, there is also the issue of exposure caused by transportation of frac sand by truck or rail hundreds of miles away from a mining operation. Unfortunately, few would ever have a clue from where their exposure came, or who was responsible for it.

Crystalline silica has been classified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the EPA and CDC as a human lung carcinogen.


I have for you today a very legitimate link to find out all about frac sanding.

Okay, I’m out.



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